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Why the Hugger?

Our Hugger collection is designed to balance targeted compression with wearable, affordable comfort to support the active recovery of your patients.

Post-Surgical & Active Recovery Bra and Binder
Compression: High to Medium

Appropriate for:

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy with Reconstruction
Skin Sparing Mastectomy with Reconstruction
Mastopexy Axillary Surgery including complete Axillary Dissection
Partial Mastectomy/Lumpectomy
Partial Mastectomy with Lift Reduction
Simple Mastectomy
Breast Reduction
Latissimus Flap Reconstruction
Augmentation Mammoplasty
Truncal Lymphedema
Physical Therapy
Active Recovery
High, Low, Mid Impact Exercise

Lifestyle & Recovery Wire-Free Bra
Compression: Medium to Low

Appropriate for:

Every day, easy wear
Active Recovery
Physical Therapy
Low, Mid Impact Exercise

Key shared advantages of the Hugger Collection:

HuggerPRIMA Advantages

• Operating Room Ready: flat lay, eliminates or minimizes additional foam/padding & dressings – for use across a multitude of surgeries.
• Axillary and rear full coverage compression
• Two g-hooks, bottom band & center mass, for easy zip

Operating Room Ready

Need more room?

  • Easy Zip into your HuggerPRIMA to moderate the full compression
  • Maintains excellent but moderated compression for extended 24/7 use
  • Great for sleeping
  • Separately purchased
  • Front lock zip
  • Easy care: machine wash & tumble dry
  • Antibacterial

HuggerVIDA Advantages

• Every day easy wear
• Wire-free with underwire level lift, support & shape
• One g-hook centre mass for easy zip

Every Day Easy Wear Bra

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• Whitepaper available upon request.

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