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High to Medium
Great to add more room and moderate the full compression of your HuggerPrima Compression:
Medium to Low
Body Friendly Hugger Size Fits your band size To add to your HuggerPRIMA Fits your band size
Small S 30 - 32 M  Extender 30 - 32
Medium M 34 - 36 M  Extender 34 - 36
Large L 38 - 40 L  Extender 38 - 40
XL XL 42 - 44 L  Extender 42 - 44
XXL 2XL 46 - 48 L  Extender 46 - 48
XXXL 3XL 50 - 52 2XL with  Extender

Measure Your Band Size

Which Hugger is right for you?

Hugger Prima

Compression: High to Medium

  1. Low, wide flexible bottom band
  2. Adjustable front, padded band
  3. Full upper pole coverage
  4. Full back coverage
  5. Full axillary coverage & compression
HuggerPRIMA is commonly used for:

Active Recovery
Physical Therapy
Lymphedema & Recurring Seroma
High, Mid & Low impact exercise

What we have learned from our HuggerPRIMA Wearers:

Upsize one size for extra comfort.
Upsize one size if you are a D+ cup for a less compressive fit.
Great for exercise if you are a D+cup.
Add a HuggerEXTENDER for reduced compression.
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Operating Room Ready

Compression: Medium to Low

  1. Adjustable shoulder strap
  2. Padded, comfortable shoulder strap
  3. Scoop neckline, reduced coverage
  4. Comfortable, reduced coverage
  5. High axillary coverage
HuggerVIDA is commonly used for:

Lifestyle, every day support
Active Recovery
Physical therapy
Mid to Low impact exercise

What we have learned from our HuggerVIDA Wearers:

True to size, even with D+ cup.
Less coverage & compression than HuggerPRIMA
Comfy – every day go to bra
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Every Day Support



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