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YES, we are OPEN and we are SHIPPING :) Sending out tons of #huggerLOVE, Your Prairie Wear Team

Our mission:

Positive global impact by design.

Our products: Post-Surgical & Active Recovery Wear to help your body feel better & get better.

The Team:

Our core Prairie Wear team is headed up by Holli Markwald, a career entrepreneur who can balance a hundred things at once and still smile at everyone she meets! Backing Holli is a group of people from all over the world with different areas of expertise, a whole lot of personality, and a huge passion for life with the goal of generating positive global impact one person, and one design at a time.

To create the best of everything that we can dream up, our Support Team is comprised of some super amazing people from five different technical fields:

Surgery, oncology and recovery protocols

Strategically chosen surgeons who are recocognized for their innovative surgery techniques and their office/operating room team members have worked with us to ensure that our garments work optimally for surgeons and their patients.

Bra & breast movement science and research

An adjunct professor and leading expert on breast motion with an academic background in textiles and a PhD in exercise science who, after 30 years in the industry, still loves to educate us about boobs and put our garments to the test.

Foundation garment design & manufacture

Technical and aesthetic lingerie and underwear technical designers with extensive experience developing functional innovation for intimates collections.

Technical fabrics & performance construction

Designing, developing and producing garments that encompass fashion and function. Our 007 Design Team is always on the lookout for innovation from techniques (seamless) to materials (antibacterial) and beyond.

Comfort and recovery support

We have tapped into the expertise of people who know what it takes to get better, and feel better during recovery.

Why “prairie”?

At Prairie Wear, we are here to support journeys of change through recovery to new horizons.

One of the awe-inspiring horizons that we hold dear in our hearts is the expansive blue sky and endless green fields of the Prairie.

Our Prairie logo symbolizes the blue sky, green fields and the horns & wings of Prairie beings on the horizon within the global circle of life.  Pretty wordy, we know,  so take a minute to just visualize :)

We appreciate the Prairie’s message of strength and prosperity in diversity – spring brings renewal, even after a harsh winter.

We know that on the Prairie and in life that it is not always blue sky and green fields but we carry with us the knowledge that blue sky and green fields exist, are attainable and can be welcomed into our world.

 We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your active recovery journey.