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You can use your Hugger 24/7 post-surgically, during active recovery or for just every day living and exercise.

The good news about our Huggers - they are comfy and antibacterial so you can use them as much as you want.

First, check Your Fit Chart to determine the right size and body friendly Hugger for you.  

The HuggerPRIMA is a post-surgical compression garment - translation: you will feel the full coverage and compression but you should still be able to move and breathe freely!  We have found that some of our HuggerPRIMA wearer's choose to add an Extender if they have more breast tissue (D+) or to moderate the full compression of the Hugger during extended recovery times.  You can also upsize one size for even more room.  If you have any questions about the level of compression as it relates specifically to your body's recovery, please consult your medical professional.  

The HuggerVIDA has reduced coverage and compression than the HuggerPRIMA and is great for post-surgical recovery, active recovery and every day wear.  We have found that our HuggerVIDA wearers find that it fits true to size, feeling slightly more compressive but still comfortable with D+ cup.

Most importantly, our Huggers share some key advantages: Seamless Wire-Free Technology, Antibacterial, Targeted/Mapped Compression Zones, 24/7 Wearability.

Now, how are they different? The HuggerPRIMA is a post-surgical compression garment with High to Medium Compression and full coverage while the HuggerVIDA is less coverage and compression than the HuggerPRIMA and great for post-surgical recovery, active recovery and every day wear.

Want to see the difference? Check out Your Fit Chart

The HuggerPRIMA is our original Hugger - we added the "Prima" (think "prime and "Prima Ballerina"!) to indicate that it's our first and fabulous Hugger in the collection.  Plus, who doesn't want to wear a Hug with everyone of our products?  Answer is: WE DO :)

Prior to zipping up your HuggerPRIMA, fasten the g-hooks located at the bottom and mid-section near the zipper. This will help you to zip your HuggerPRIMA.

Once you zip up your HuggerPRIMA, make sure you push the zipper pull flat.

Use the shoulder adjustments to best fit your body with the bottom band fitting snugly under your breast.  If you aren't sure what works best, try all of the settings to see what feels most comfortable once you put it on.

Lastly, make sure the majority of your breast tissue is centre mass in your Hugger - not down or to the side - with nipples to the centre of the cookie pocket area by palpating and gently moving tissue within the Hugger to ensure the best fit.  

Yes, yes, yes!  Sleep in your Hugger :)

Wear your HuggerPRIMA & HuggerVIDA 24/7, particularly during key recovery times, as they are antibacterial and body friendly.

Absolutely, you can exercise in your Hugger when you are ready and/or your medical professional has advised you to increase your activity, you can exercise in your Hugger.

In addition to lots of every day life usage, our Huggers have been worn for post-surgical physical therapy; low impact exercise like yoga and walking ; high impact exercise like cross fit and running.

We want you to get sweaty, feel amazing and still smell fresh throughout the day without having to remove your Hugger.

Your HuggerPRIMA is a compression garment so, yes, it may feel tight but should not be painful - compression by definition is “the state of being compressed; to press together; force into less space.” 

If you need to add some additional “breathing” room or would like to moderate the compression of your HuggerPRIMA during extended use (and/or once your body is through key recovery times per your medical professional), you can simply purchase the Extender for your existing size Hugger or upsize your Hugger for even more room.

If you have any questions about the level of compression as it relates specifically to your body's recovery, please consult your medical professional.  

Your seamless weave HuggerPRIMA has to have a REALLY tight weave to maintain the high level of compression required to keep the doctors and your recovering body happy.

With the tight weave and full coverage design, we do have to sacrifice some of the breathability that a non-compressive garment could provide which means that it can get warm inside your HuggerPRIMA.

The good news is that you can sweat a lot and not have to wash your Hugger – it’s antibacterial. What does this all mean to you? A fresh smelling Hugger even during periods of extended use without washing your garment.

Another option to reduce coverage and provide a cooler feel, when you need less compression, is to try out the HuggerVIDA.

First, what do we mean by “antibacterial”?

The high performance yarn used to make your Hugger effectively reduces the growth of bacteria (found most commonly in human perspiration) with 99.9% effectiveness, tested up to 50 washes.

Now, what makes the yarn antibacterial? An antibacterial additive is actually embedded into the fiber (not added or coated onto a finished garment) so the yarn retains it's bacteria fighting properties through numerous washes.

You can wear your Hugger 24/7 for extended periods of time (we have tested up to 19 days) without washing it.

We recommend washing your Hugger as little or as much as you feel you need to. Keep in mind, the antibacterial, high performance yarn in your Hugger will keep your Hugger smelling and feeling fresh so no need to wash excessively.

For example, we have found that many of our Hugger wearers have worn their Huggers 24/7 for 3 – 5 days post-surgically without washing.

Finally ready to wash your Hugger?

Simple wear, simple care. Just drop your Hugger into your washing machine with like colors and wash on a cold cycle, then tumble dry on low.

To keep your Hugger working optimally, do not use fabric softeners or bleach.

Our Hugger is designed to be body and user friendly – the fewer numbers the better, we think.

Your current bra band size is all you need to find your best fit.

For the HuggerPRIMA, we have found that some of our Hugger wearer's choose to add an Extender if they have more breast tissue or to moderate the full compression of the Hugger during extended recovery times or upsize one size for even more room.  Keep in mind, however, that compression can be super important to your recovery post-surgically and Dr.'s love it :)

For more information, check out Your Fit Chart.

While we ship one set of modesty pads to you with each Hugger, you may find that you want more padding (perhaps you have had a lumpectomy and want a thicker pad to provide a smoothing, symmetrical appearance) or you lost a modesty pad.

We do not currently offer cookies separately sold in our store, but never fear, most fabric stores have a selection of modesty pads that you can purchase to meet your individual requirements.

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